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Saddle Beach Maryland Resort Rental Property
Saddle Beach 
Guest Pages
These pages are designed to be a reference as you prepare for your vacation.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel to reach out.
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-  A $500 hold deposit secures your reservation. This applies to the rent and is refundable, with a cancellation fee, if you    cancel before your payment due date and another guest takes those dates and rates.
-  Rental amount balance is due no later than 60 days prior to your stay.
-  No Security Deposits. like hotels we simply do a credit card authorization.
-  If your reservation falls within 60 days of start date, the entire rental amount is due when you reserve it.
-  Credit cards. We use them for Security Deposit holds. To pay via card for your stay, there is a 3% fee.
-  Payments are made to the address on your Agreementt.                 
-  REFUNDS:  Non-refundable, however if we rent the house for the same period and same amount, we will refund your    money less a $100 service fee.
-  Travel Insurance is available through this company and other 3rd parties.
Security Deposit:    

-  The online credit card form for your security deposit is available by clicking here:  (Click)
-  Security deposit is always an authorization (not a charge) for $1000, done through credit card.
-  We don't actually charge your card unless there is an issue.
-  You are responsible for the full amount of any damage/loss, regardless of the amount.
-  Why do guests get charged?   It's very rare... When it happens it's likely missing or damaged items or a serious house cleaning issue.  Remember that linens are ours to wash but towels must be washed before you go. 
-  Deposit Returns/charges are noted as taking up to 45 days because we do these monthly; and wait to receive phone and cable bills in the event there's an un-authorized charge.
Things to do in the area:    

-  We recommend that everyone get out at least once or twice when you visit...  A few of the restaurants are truly great, local seafood experiences. Most are very casual but a few, like Bluepoint at the Hyatt are upscale and very good.  We have shops, history, sports and nature to entertain you....  In the offseason the towns of Cambridge, Easton and St. Michaels provide endless opportunities...

-  Start with this tourism page from our site: (click here)  - we have our own page with ideas, links and details.

-  Cambridge Maryland - really the best 3rd party website is here:  There is much to do in Cambridge, from the 10 or so antiques stores (start with those on Race Street) to dozens of shops, restaurants and local places to see.  The town goes was founded in 1684, 200 years before the Civil War -  and the Victorian architecture is fantastic.  There are great, select opportunities for sightseeing, history and nature - there's something for everyone (no one should miss Blackwater Refuge and it's very close).  Again look through our site (click) for more details.

-  If you like, numerous local guides are pleased to help you find that trophy Rockfish lurking nearby or in the famous shoals of Hooper’s Island. See the "WaterSports" section for fishing information and more...

-  You're in Dorchester County - also a great website:  Dorchester and Talbot are rich in history with several famous cultural high-points; including historical Civil War and Emancipation points of interest.  Nearby  towns such as St Michaels and Oxford offer top notch walk-streets with quaint shops and galleries.  Cambridge itself is rich in history but a bit less developed than it's neighbors.  The site  ( is an excellent guide.  

-  Bike tours from all over the world flock to the Eastern shore because it’s flat, the roads are good quality, the traffic is light and you can bike in Easton, St. Michaels and Oxford.   There are several cruiser-style bikes on the property for your enjoyment.  We do not have helmets so please bring helmets if you require them..

-  Golf:  there are several fantastic golf links nearby. See our Tourism Page for more information.  

We created a great Google Map with our favorites:  (click here  You should also check out the Cambridge website for new suggestions.  
-  A few of the restaurants are truly great, local seafood experiences. Most are very casual but a few, like Bluepoint at the Hyatt are upscale and very good.
-  For dining outside Cambridge, the towns of Easton, St. Michaels & Oxford are all +- 30 minutes away; a reasonable drive.

- On the property:  We provide a kayak and canoe for no charge at Saddle Beach. We have several adult sized Mae-West style life preservers and paddles.  

-  For skiff rentals. You can rent a large (17') motorized skiff from nearby facilities.  It's  reasonable and our guests get delivery from Slaughter Creek Marina - they are at this web site, by this email, or call Robert Bromwell 410-221-0050. Also there is a water sports and bike rental facility nearby called Blackwater Paddle and Pedal and they've got Motor Boats, Kayaks and Bikes and will deliver. Their website is and their phone is 410-901-9255. and their phone is 410-901-9255. and their phone is 410-901-9255.

-  Go crabbing and fishing on our docks right on the property and no license is required.  It's a reason many travel to the Eastern shore!  Chicken Necking is the term folks in the area use and instructions can be found here.   If you're staying at Saddle you can get supplies at the Woolford Store on your way to the property. Bring your own poles and you can get bait everywhere - fishing is part of the local culture.

-  We encourage you to take fishing charters in season (season dates found here).  Rockfish are their specialty and very few fishing trips end up without alot of fish!  Ask for suggestions if you need them. 

-  We encourage you to bring your boat if you have one.  The dock at Saddle Beach has a >3' MLW depth. There are public boat ramps close to each property.  Ask for ramp locations. Deeper Slips.  

-  While we do not allow jet skis at Saddle Beach  

-  The water is very calm/swimmable -  Kid-friendly.

-  Our Pool is professionally cleaned & serviced weekly.  You do need to keep the water level up, skim and empty the baskets during your stay.  We don't heat the pools and it's almost never requested.
Checking In:

Important:  download the document corresponding to your home - please print and bring it with you: 

                 Click on the file icon >>>                            

-  Check In is at 4:00pm Sorry but unless it's off-season and we approve it in writing, we can't permit early check-in.  We turn over our houses in just a few hours; the maids require (& demand from us) that they have the house for themselves - thanks.

-  The house is on lockbox.  You will receive the code the week before. At Saddle Beach it's on the door frame in the rear screened porch.  No one meets you there so  you can arrive as late as you want.

- Please read these documents and bring them with you - they explain everything.

- If you have any issues once you get there call me, Jon at (301)  980-8436. Remember that we are 3 hours behind you in California.  Last choice should be our caretaker, Michelle at (443) 521-9269. Call from the house if you're already in. If not, cell phone service is sketchy, but better back up the street.  Texting us works when you cant get a good connection.
Directions & Transportation:

Both houses are 10 minutes from Cambridge Maryland by car.

-  The Saddle Beach Address is 5207 Brooks Road, Woolford  21677.  The google Maps link is here and you print out directions from your door.  For more directions (sometimes we know the short cuts) look on our Directions Web Page here.

-  Transportation:   
Your closest airport is Baltimore Washington (BWI).  Washington Reagan (DCA)  is not much further and Washington Dulles is about 20-30 minutes further.
Your closest Amtrak train station is Baltimore Washington (BWI) and New Carrollton is a little closer and on the same line.
What to Bring:

-  Linens (1 set) & towels are included in your cleaning fee.  You do not need to clean linens but do need to wash towels.

-  Bring the usual disposables; toilet paper, paper towels & #2 cone-style coffee filters.  Bring soap & shampoo.  There are often some of  items left at the house but we don't replenish them.  There are several local supermarkets ten minutes away (we recommend the Walmart).  Both houses have a rustic general store 1-5 minutes away.

-  We suggest you bring a few extra beach towels.

-  Sports:  If you want to fish please bring poles.  If you require child-sized life preservers or bicycle helmets bring them.  

-  "Good to haves" always include first aid, sun screen and bug repellant. 

-  Be sure to bring our guide document above.  It has important tips for your stay and check out.

-  Baby items:  We mave one item available; a Porta-Crib that is shared between our two houses.
Checking Out:

-  Check Out is 10:30am sharp.  This is important. We only have hours to make the house ready for our next guests - as a result we require that the house be left on time and in a certain condition. If the house isn't right we unfortunately have to pass the cost to you. It doesn't happen often and we don't like to do so, so your help is appreciated.  
-  If anything's wrong, missing, broken or not working  - by all means please tell us before you leave.  We find everything, but the more warning we have the better we're able to get the house ready for the next guest.

 Light cleaning is the responsibility of our guests. Leave floors "broom clean" and house left as noted in the lease.

-  Kitchen:  Place any left-over dishes in the washer and run it when you leave.   Please take all food.  There should be no stains on the counters, floors, inside or outside the stove or oven.  If you need us to clean a mess on or in the stove please let us know the day before you go and any added cleaning fee will be passed to you.

-  Saddle Beach Trash.  All trash is to be placed in trash bags and placed in the outdoor cans with the lids shut tight.  If 
trash is loose or lids open we have to pay someone to clean up the mess that results from bored raccoons.  
Please keep trash bins in the "corral-area" built for them.  Don't move trash cans at either home

-  Doors and windows.  Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked.  Check carefully please because some windows require extra effort.  To lock the windows turn the lock handles to the left when the window is shut tightly.  
The French doors at Saddle Beach (only)  are locked as follows:  Pull each handle sharply upwards until the slides engage at top and bottom.  Then turn the round luck handles on both doors towards the center.   Check by pulling downward on handles.  If they won’t pull downward, they’re locked.

-  Keys:  Make sure the key is in the lock box and leave the extra house key, if there, hanging in the kitchen.

-  Air Conditioning/Heating.  In warm weather make sure all three thermostats are turned to 80 degrees.  In the winter make sure all three thermostats are turned to 55 degrees.  DO NOT turn them off. 

-  Fireplace.  Make sure the flue is closed if you used it. Saddle Beach is gas - never burn anything else.

-  Bikes and Boats.  Important – please make sure these are located and locked by chains and all accessories returned to their place.   If the boats are not secured in their place and tied up they can (and will) wash away.  

-  Linens.  Please strip sheets and pillowcases and place them at the foot of each bed.   If any towels are un-washed, please put them in the washing machine and run the load.   If there are any additional loads to do the maids have to come back and we unfortunately have to charge you for that time.  
Issues when On-Site:

Remember that we're a family-run vacation rental, and we turn the house over every Summer week in only five hours.  It's a big house and if we miss something please call us right away and don't be shy.   Call me, Jon at (301) 980-8436   Remember we're 3 hours behind on Pacific Time.  If it definately can't wait and you've left me a voice mail already, call our local caretaker Jamie at (443) 614-3086 or Michelle at (443) 521-9269.  We want you to be completely satisfied - we never want to hear after your trip is over, that something wasn't working or disappointed you. 

-  If the pool does anything funny, turns color, or you think the pumps are off - call right away.  The pool has to be in top shape for all guests, and time is of the essence. Do not attempt to turn on the pool heater as it will cause damage.

-  If the power goes out, it most likely will go back on soon but.... Call DelMarva Power at 1-800-898-8045.  Also - let us know it happened.  That way we can reset certain things.  

-  First time at a "by-owner vacation rental"?   Please remember that we are individual owners.  Our guests say we do a great job, but the experience and expectations will always be different than that of a resort. 

-  We always encourage feedback to us by email here.  Thanks!
Bed/Bath Layouts:Saddle Beach:

1st Floor:  
​Den: Sleeper Sofa, Full Private Bath
TV in living room
2nd Floor:
Master: King Bed, Full Private Bath. TV
Suite: Queen Bed, 3/4 Private Bath. TV
Guest: Queen Bed, Jack & Jill Full Bath
Guest: Two Twins, Hall Full Bath
3rd Floor: 
Guest: Four Singles, One Trundle. Hall 3/4 Bath
Guest: Two Full Beds
Rec Room w Futon and TV 

Need an extra bed?  We provide (up to 2) full-height air beds and linens for $60 per stay if available. 
Internet Access:

Saddle Beach:
-  We provide WiFi Internet through a Satellite Internet - free for guests.
Outdoor Grilling:

-  The house has an outdoor grill by the pool area.  They run on propane and use the standard 20 gallon grill tank.   We check the tank by weight when after each rental, but it's difficult to tell some times.
IF YOUR TANK IS EMPTY.   Fortunately there is a refill (tank swap) location convenient to both houses - simply swap the tank for a full one (only if it's empty) and we will reimburse you if a receipt is faxed to us at 240-238-2996.    
     - Saddle Beach - the swap location is the Woolford Store a mile from the entrance of Brooks Road. 
DO NOT USE the JennAir grill in the kitchen - it's too hard to clean.  Thank you
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The House